Using the Fit4Change App

3 Simple Steps

Chose it

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fit4change screen

Choose your Charity from the opening screen list.
You can change Charity anytime!!

Select it

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Fit4change App Activity Screen

Select your Activity.
Walk, Run, Cycle or exercising Indoors.

Do it

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Fit4change App Activity Screen - Walking

Do your Activity for as long as you want.
“Every minute Every Mile Counts”

Keep your phone on you and WiFi/mobile-data on when using the f4cApp.
The money your activity raises is paid from the advertising revenue generated by the f4cApp.
You can raise extra funds making purchases in “My Offers” in the f4cApp.
If your Charity is not on the list, email us and we’ll put it on.


Raise money for your favourite charities!

You can select to support different charities.

It’s easy, it’s great…

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