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Fit4Change : Charity fundraising on the move.

The ever-evolving nature of charity within the public sphere can only be described as phenomenal, so much so that it is increasingly recognised as being a central pillar of modern life. The process of engaging with charity however, can be overwhelming, and so the newly created Fit4Change app seeks to further the innovative nature of fundraising in order to make engaging with charity more accessible and streamlined with modern life.


According to the UK Government, the number of registered charities in the UK stood at a massive 160,000 at the end of June 2016. In a manner of speaking, charities are everywhere you go – take a walk down any high street and whether it is the sight of colourful wristbands, the sound of cheery volunteers, or the presence of advertising space, the notion of charity dominates the urban space. The number and variety of registered charities truly pays testament to a strong culture of kindness across the planet, and the willingness of people to give and help those who are in various ways, less well off.


However, with this huge surge and volume of charities available, a recognisable problem of how to effectively engage begins to emerge. As a great many people hold an abundance of causes close to their hearts, it can become difficult to deal with the pace of modern day life and still have the time to be as involved as they would like to be. Fit4Change seeks to bridge this gap and attain a more accessible means of donating to charity.


Launched earlier in the year, Fit4Change’s ‘app’ provides an innovative approach to charity that allows its’ users to raise funds in a truly unique way. The app places particular emphasis on the owner being in control of their own fundraising; their ease and time become paramount as fundraising becomes streamlined with the routines and occurrences of everyday life.

Whether accomplished by walking, running, cycling or general indoor exercise, the app tracks movement from the device and subsequently allocates a small share of the app’s advertising revenue to be donated to a charity of the owner’s choosing. This means that a daily walk to work or the local shops turns from a monotonous journey from A to B, into a vital fundraising exercise for the likes of The Change Foundation, Scope or Shelter.

The opening screen of the app lets users choose a charity from a scrolling list. Thoughwe are constantly adding charities, users and charities can email us at info@fit4change.com and request a new charity be added to the list.
Having chosen a charity, the user then selects an activity Walk, Run, Cycle, Indoor (e.g. exercising on a rowing machine).

IMG-20170101-WA0002From here there is also access a menu that enlarges from the top right of the screen, assisting the user in navigating the various sections of the app. Moreover, the app’s scope extends beyond fundraising through exercise. The user can also fundraise through a variety of offers provided on the My Offers page. The user can set their personal interest level in a variety of categories in the My Interest page found in the Setting page.
Whether it is cars, food, animals or perhaps even recent movie releases, the user will receive offers tailored to their interests and a percentage of any purchase will raise further funds for their chosen charity.


The categories of interests are varied and high in number, providing the user plenty of choice and opportunity to access offers and subsequently donate.

The most important part of the app however, is of course the activity screen. This section of the app is displayed once the user selects an Activity.


Within the current, and most up-to-date version of the app, awards are set at 5p per mile with extra bonuses for regular use and offers taken. Once the user has stopped the activity the End screen lets the user share their result on social media or return to the home screen.

 My Wallet displays the rewards that the user has gained from activity, which are automatically donated to their chosen charity.

Also thereis the all important donations screen, where the user can donate either the funds raised through the app or funds that they themselves can add from a debit or credit card.

The Fit4Change app will streamline charity fundraising so it can fit in easily with the busy schedules of everyday life. Indeed through use of it, peoples’ experience of fundraising will not only be easier and more enjoyable, but also more accessible and sociable. The app is currently available for download, free for mobile devices, from GooglePlay and AppleStore.