1. Who are we and what do we do ?

A: Fit4change Worldwide Limited (F4C) has created an app which allows supporters to fundraise through activities such as walking, running, cycling and exercising indoors. There are also special offers for users to take if they want which can raise more funds for their chosen chartity.

2. How do we do do this ?

A: By using the app you generate money through the advertising, the longer you conduct your activity (walking, running etc.) the more money you raise. You can also raise money for your charity by purchasing items from the offers provided.

3. How does the app work ?

A: This App is a fun way to raise funds for charity. Download the app, select walk, run, cycle or exercise indoors from the main menu and the App tracks your mileage and rewards money per mile paid from the advertising revenue provided your phone is on. Raise money when you walk to work, cycle, go for a run or exercise in the gym. You can post your results to Twitter and Facebook if you are logged into their app.

4. Which charities benefit ?

A: The charities listed on the app.

5. How does a charity become listed or nominated ?

A: Contact us at info@fit4change.com for further details.

6. How much does it cost for the charities and the user ?

A: It is absolutely free for charities and users. You can purchase items through the app to help your charity but that is optional.

7. What percentage of the advertising revenue is paid to the Charity ?

A: 75% of the revenue F4C raises through advertising and Offers is paid to the Charities, F4C retains 25% for operational costs.

8. How much money can I raise doing the various activities on the app?

A: Users are rewarded 5p per mile

9. Technical support

A: Contact support@fit4change.com