Fundraising Campaign

Fit4Change: An international community formed of local ones.

There is never a more testing time for a community than when faced with disaster. This is true whether it occurs in the form of an economic disaster, or perhaps more significantly in the context of recent weeks, when natural disasters strike. The recent hurricanes across the Caribbean, and the horrific earthquake in Mexico City are very real examples of this. The sheer damage caused by these disasters has been displayed on news channels across the planet for all the world to see. This has been the case for many years now: though the immediate effects are felt most strongly wherever the extreme weather may strike, the rest of the world also feel the effects in the aftermath through video footage and images. Though it may be difficult to find while the destruction rages on, a positive outcome does emerge from the dust in such times. These events bring not only local communities together, as seen in Mexico City where many brave members of the public sought to help the emergency services in any way possible, but they also bring the international community together in solidarity. When the 2004 Tsunami hit the Indian Ocean, the British public donated over £50m to relief charities. It is in this spirit of generosity, and in this dedication to our global, shared community, that Fit4Change is seeking to make that distance between local communities and our international community even smaller.
Fit4Change is now launching a number of new campaigns to be able to better respond to such international crises. Our app is becoming not only more dynamic in our ability to respond, but also more adaptable in tailoring fundraising causes to individual or group requirements. It is exactly in this way that Fit4Change is endeavouring to bring local communities closer together in support and aid for international disasters. Whether our users make up the workforce of a popular high-street brand, or a smaller local running club; they can adapt their usage of the app to represent who they are and what they care about. For example, this may involve the creation of a customized skin solely for members of a certain club or company. Alternatively, it could mean collective fundraising and incentives for members of your group. Ultimately the experience becomes catered to what an individual or a group wants from their fundraising experience. After-school clubs, signed up with our app, can be a place where schoolchildren raise money for other children across the planet as well as learn new talents. Likewise, an individual fundraising for a specific event such as a marathon or a triathlon can appeal to friends and family to support their sponsored event by supplementing their efforts through everyday activities such as walking, cycling or running.
Whether it is for a local cause, or an international one, Fit4Change believe that if you want to raise funds for charity, it should be made as easy as possible.

By running, by walking, or by cycling. Fundraise for free, at your leisure, with Fit4Change.